Profile of Scarlett Raven

History and Background
Scarlett Raven is a 30 year old British artist living in England. With a degree in Art from Central Saint Martins, she is one of the youngest artists to have had a solo exhibition in London’s esteemed Cork Street Galleries. Since graduating in 2009, Scarlett has participated in a number of group shows across London, and enjoyed several successful solo shows.

Scarlett has been involved in a number of public projects, including album art work design and charity commissions. She has enjoyed international critical acclaim including ES magazine, Creative Review, Modern Painters, Tate Magazine, Tatler, Time Out and Life Magazine. Popular acclaim is worldwide, with collectors in the UK, Dubai, Miami and Texas, and a number of high profile supporters such as Lord Jonathan Marland, Duffy, Take That, Roxy Music and Orlando Bloom.

Ideas and Inspirations
For Scarlett Raven, her biggest influence and inspiration comes from the very earth we inhabit and the world which surrounds us: nature is at the heart of every work she creates. Landscapes and seascapes are prominent in Raven’s work, capturing the romance of nature and its ability to affect and reflect human emotion, and its relation to society and the world around us. Her fascination with perspective sees Raven enjoy the exploration of the endless effects it can have on a single scene, and movement is a central theme to her body of work. Using abstract forms, patterns, and sculpture as devices to imply movement, Scarlett's work draws the viewer in, encouraging them to lend their imagination to, and establish a presence within, the painting. 

Scarlett's The Eleventh Hour collection explores the significance of the poppy, and is inspired by a need to commemorate and reflect upon the First World War. It is foremost an emblem of remembrance, but these poppies are ultimately hopeful, representative of the life which follows death, and the triumph of natural beauty over the ugliest of manmade scars.